An Invitation...

to discover a more meaningful, freedom-filled life for yourself & your family. 



Being home-bound in the age of Covid-19 can revealing new lessons and amplify existing challenges. The extreme change our world is walking through together (while apart) presents both an opportunity for exploration of new ways of being, along with complex feelings of upheaval, uncertainty and loss.  


Would you like someone to talk to, to explore and share the significance of what you are discovering or what is being revealed to you? 

Perhaps you see yourself in what I've written below, before Covid arrived:

Are you in the midst of a parenting journey that involves a child that doesn't fit the expectations of the school system, or society in general? Do you find yourself questioning those expectations?  

Do you feel conflicted by what you "should" be doing for your child because it doesn't feel right or good to you, or because it is exhausting your family?

Do you feel like you've lost yourself in the overwhelm of parenting, and feel selfish for wanting time for yourself? Do you have big dreams, but can't figure out how to move forward with those for yourself and your child at the same time?

Do you feel like you have so much to learn from your child, that he or she is transforming your world, but no one is talking about that?  



It's okay to walk a path that fits you and your family,

and you don't need to do it alone. 

That was me. What the experts and society were telling me to do with my child felt wrong in my bones. I was stressed and overwhelmed by the appointments, the fear, the feeling of never doing enough.


I was getting worn down by always looking for, and being shown, what was wrong and by focusing on goals that didn't actually matter to me. 


I did what I was told to do, because I wanted what was best for my child. Eventually, I found the courage to listen to my heart and my gut or whatever you like to call that place of deepest knowing and made big changes (read about some of them here).  


If this sounds familiar, and you can't shake the feeling that something needs to change for your kids or yourself, I hope you find the comfort and encouragement you need here. 






Raising a child while choosing to walk a less-traveled path that fits your family can be uber rewarding. It can also somedays feel daunting, lonely and challenging. Particularly, right now as our world shrinks to the insides of our homes we may be experiencing uplifting feelings of embracing what works or feel even more stifled by what doesn't.


Having a good friend that gets it and believes in you walking alongside you can help. Spiritual Directors are trained to listen deeply for what is most true for you and to hold you in compassion while you explore what's keeping you stuck and what feels freeing.

Having a Spiritual Director witness your story and hold it without judgment or advice can:​

  • get what's not working out of your head where you can process it

  • validate your own deepest knowing 

  • clarify what you value and where you want to go

  • create more space in your daily life

  • open space for new possibilities to surface

  • provide you with the resources to better offer the same Listening Space to your kids

It is essential that we feel at home and at ease together. That our time together feels right.


Choosing to begin Spiritual Direction together begins with a free 1 hour session, followed by at least 24 hours of discernment, to allow you space to consider whether we are a fit. I am always happy to recommend other spiritual directors, coaches, therapists or experts if we decide there might be a better match. 


45 minute phone session

$100 CDN

(Compassion in the time of Covid

ask me about 1/2 price sessions)



Alternative Education Consulting is for parents who are struggling with their children's school experience or in their homeschooling journey. In this package, you receive access to my lived experience and my problem-solving brain for parents seeking a better way to support their kids’ learning journey.

We have used a wide variety of learning environments to support our family as a whole over the past decade. I hope some of that experience might benefit you:

I have experienced co-operative education, special education, private education and homeschooled/unschooled for 8 years. There are so many options!

I make an effort to keep my ear to the ground for new alternative learning opportunities to connect parents with options that work for their kids.​

I'm willing to help you brainstorm and seek out options that better fit your kids and your family as a whole.


You will know you're on the right path when you feel more hopeful and at ease about your child's learning.



Single 1.5 hour Sessions

phone consultation /

local in-person meetings.

$150 CDN