Welcome to The Listening Space, 


This is a special place for those who have experienced something unexpected in their parenting journey.


I've observed that parents on special journeys at times may feel as though they have worn their friends out, or that despite good intentions their friends and families simply aren't equipped to provide the non-judgemental, encouraging support we long for.


My own experience has inspired me to offer a compassionate space for parents like you to share your innermost worries, your frustration, or your child's successes that are so tiny you think others wouldn't get it. 


I am most passionate about offering myself as a sounding board for women who feel called to pursue a path for themselves or their child that is more meaningful and passion-filled, even if that is different from what society says we should do. 


Sharing what's going on for you can lead to feeling more peace, ease, and spaciousness in your journey and the validation you need to move forward.


It can also be a crucible for personal transformation and a path toward creating meaning in challenging circumstances.


This mindful, gentle, process of listening heightens and refines your capacity to hear, trust and follow your own deepest knowing about what is best for you and your child.