About Me

My  journey toward creating a family and growing a career over the past decade has not exactly been what I had planned.  I began my career as a professional engineer, doing work I was passionate about - protecting the lakes I so loved as a child. We were also starting a family and embarking on a dream we had to adopt internationally. There appeared to be a clear trajectory.


However, the following decade would up-end much of that story with a suite of unforeseen challenges.  Some of these  forks in the road led to unconventional choices including taking a leap into the unknown by leaving my career and the safety of my expertise behind to homeschool.


This new path uncovered a deep fascination with the process and nature of how humans learn. I retrained as a spiritual director and developed a desire to help other parents and share what I have learned along the way. 


What I have found through the experiences of the last ten years is that there is not only one way to be happy, to feel successful, to contribute and especially that there is not one way to learn. 


Our path and choices are absolutely not perfect or fixed, and neither am I. I'm a work in progress. Each day we grant ourselves permission to create out our own path and that feels freeing, and at times like a huge responsibility, but one that I believe is worth it.

That is my story in a nutshell. I would love to hear yours, so please send me an email if you feel inspired.