You matter

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

If you want strategies for your child I'm not your person. But I can refer you to these people and resources - my favourites:

-Asperger Experts

-Kristine Barnett, Author of The Spark

-Lisa Palasti, RDI Consultant

-The Explosive Child, by Ross Greene (I wish the book was called collaborative problem solving because that's what's powerful)

What I have to offer is for you.

I offer:

  • a way to feel more at peace with the circumstance you are in now - even if you wish it would change;

  • permission to listen to your heart, your gut, your own deep knowing and your mind (yes it has value too!) and consider what each has to say;

  • encouragement to question the unspoken assumptions of the world around you (and within you!);

  • reminders that you matter too, and that what you do for (and to) yourself ripples out into your family and your world. Martyrdom is stifling and old;

I believe that the answers are within you, and I'm willing to walk with you while you explore your inner knowing and wait for the answers you need to surface.

That's what The Listening Space is about.

You're welcome to join me if it feels right.