Hearing your own voice amongst the clamour of society's priorities is sometimes easier said than done.


We hear the voices of experts, the media and all sorts of fear-based messages about doing the "right" thing for our kids. It can feel like a pressure cooker of parenting advice, a sea of confusion with competing ideas coming at you from every angle.


The very idea of making decisions based on your own knowing can generate feelings of inadequacy, fears of what lies ahead, endless what-ifs, and guilt.



I had those feelings and sometimes still do. But now I have the support and tools to not let the many voices around me stop me from doing what I believe is best.


I believe that the best parenting advice, and life advice, is to listen within to what your deepest knowing is trying to tell you.


You know your child, and your own values, best. The answer may very well be to speak with an expert or to gather more information - experts aren't the enemy. They just can't replace the deep intuitive knowing that parents have about their children and about what they want for their own lives.


If you are ready to find a path more aligned to your family's values and would like support, you can see what I offer here.   



I've also noticed that parents of exceptional kids often experience the desire to make the world a better place for all people. It happened to me and many others I've met along the way.


Those of us that have been affected by an unexpected parenting journey see the world with new eyes, with more compassion, sensitivity and often see beauty that previously went unnoticed.


At the same time, we are more likely than parents of neurotypical kids to be exhausted and demoralized by trying to get others to understand, by the demands of our everyday lives (even though we cherish them), and by the emotional drain of wanting the best for an exceptional child.


I believe the world needs you and your ideas, and my mission is to support you in that effort.